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Quilting as Therapy

Quilting is a process of creation, renewal and meditation. It is a skill that can help reduce anxiety and can help improve cognitive abilities.

Quilting as a Skill

Research supports that learning new motor skills can help slow cognitive aging, including reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Quilting for art therapy

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Quilting for cognitive therapy

Quilting for health & wellness

The Art of Quilting

Quilting is the art of creating something beautiful that connects color, inspirations, imagination and expression. It an artform that is centuries old. It has an evolved from basic bedcovers to an art in and of itself. Quilting takes on its very own life and has its challenges—successes, failures, all along taking expected and unexpected turns.

The Purpose of Quilting

Quilting is not only an art form it is a life-long learning and brain-boosting activity. Learning a new mental challenge like quilting may help maintain cognitive ability. Quilting can also be meditative in nature helping to reduce anxiety.

Integrate A Quilting Therapy Programs Into Your Art Therapy Program

Art therapy is known for is healing outcomes, psychological well-being and self-efficacy. Quilting as a form of art therapy. The kinesthetic process of quilting is cathartic, healing, soothing and relaxing. This promotes and offered as a form of physical and occupational therapy.

Quilting is a non-drug form of therapy for patients diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s disease and other chronic degenerative diseases.


Quilting is an art therapy program found to have a positive effect on health and wellness in older populations.


Quilting can be used as a therapeutic intervention that fosters fine motor skills and helps re-introduce learning skills, improve cognition and enhance memory function in people with impairments and mild traumatic brain injuries.


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