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Mindful Quilting for Mental Focus
Martha Mosher, Owner

As we age, there are two health issues can impact us most—the decrease of mental focus as well as physical agility. The Mindful Quilting methodology fosters fine motor skills and help to reintroduce learning skills to help improve cognition and enhance memory function. Using repetitive motions and tasks fostered by learning new techniques, participants of the program will work through a step by step mindful and meditative process to create and stitch together a quilt and enjoy the pleasure of making art.

My Story

In 1978, I contracted Lyme Disease, which left me with arthritis and several severe neurological issues. After a long battle with disease and subsequent illnesses that followed, my health got better but I continued to deal with the aftermath of memory loss, seizures and physical impairments. My path to recovery was through fiber arts—needlepoint, cross-stitch and quilting.

Quilting specifically help me focus, reduce my anxiety and improved my mental cognition. Based on my years in the medical field, my passion for quilting and thorough research, I created the Mindful Quilting program to help others. We all have hidden abilities and talents that we seldom recognize until we are seriously challenged. I teach to help my program participants discover and rejoice in those unrecognized talents and promote overall well-being.

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